When I started my kitchen renovation project I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed because I have 4 children and run my own business, not to mention a hubby with a demanding schedule. I had no idea how I was going to manage having no kitchen for 6-8 weeks. After interviewing several contractors, I immediately felt most comfortable with T.J. The entire renovation process was a piece of cake!! But only because of the diligence, professionalism, and skills that T.J. provides to his clients. He came in on budget and under time!! I highly recommend him! I've already started planning out a large basement project because I know I wouldn't go anywhere else.

-- Chris and Kellyann S. Yardley, PA

Over the last several years we have entrusted T.J. Pera with 2 major renovation projects in our home. Each time we set the bar extremely high with our expectations and both times he has exceeded the challenge. T.J. always has a great amount of creative energy and enthusiasm that ensures His work is unique and out of the ordinary. He is always persistent in making sure his vision of the finished work matches ours. We still have many other projects to complete in our home and we are certain to call T.J. when we are ready to make our next quality enhancement to our home.

-- Vince and Jackie S. Yardley, PA

My experiences with T.J. Pera began back in 2008 when I contracted with him to renovate my kitchen after he designed the project at his family's showroom. A year later, I hired him to redo my master bath and 2 years after that he came back to finish my basement. Obviously, I am extremely happy with the work he has done for me as evidenced by my willingness to bring him back again & again.

T.J. is a true professional. One aspect that sets him apart from other contractors is his ability to communicate with the client. From the very first meeting with T.J. to discuss the project all the way through the installation process, there is dialogue back and forth. I believe he truly wants his client to be happy with the result, and I also believe that he enjoys the creative process that comes with ripping out something ugly and turning it into someplace beautiful. From simple jobs like tiling a backsplash to large ones like finishing a basement, he is extremely capable and professional.

I think the true mark of his measure is shown in the way he handles unexpected problems. It seems like many renovation jobs experience some kind of unforeseen problem and my jobs with him were no exception. During a renovation, it is very stressful to encounter such things, however, in each instance, he always proposed solutions that were mutually acceptable for all.

You are in good hands with T.J. Pera. I have personally had three beautiful renovations in my home completed by him and plan to call him back for my next one.

-- Karen D. Newtown, PA

T.J., Amy and I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous work you did for us. We had high expectations and the quality of your workmanship met every one of those very demanding expectations. From design, to materials, to timeline, to price and to the work itself, we could not be happier with the results! Friends and family alike have marveled at the changes to our entryway, dining room, master bedroom, master bath, and basement. To say that they have all been envious of the transformations would be quite an understatement.

What people are most amazed with is when I tell them that one company did ALL the work. They'll say, "Yeah, but who did the (insert any of the words: plumbing, electric, carpentry, electronics or design)?" When I reply, "T.J. did EVERYTHING", they simply cannot believe it. The fact that you are literally a jack of all trades is the single most impressive part of every one of the many projects you did for us. No corners are ever cut, no details are ever overlooked.... that should be your new slogan!

-- David and Amy F. Newtown, PA

We just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have you do all the contracting work for our new kitchen. I was dreading having "guys" in my house for 6+ weeks, but you made the experience so easy! It's crazy to say, but I will actually miss having my contractor around!! You went above and beyond our expectations. You worked efficiently and expertly on everything from floor, to tile and lighting to windows! I am willing to bet that most people don't write thank-you notes to their contractors, but this is well deserved!  Until our next project... deck, basement ... we will miss you!

-- Chuck and Heather R. Fort Washington, PA